Crown Green Bowling

Chelmsley Wood Town Council

Crown Green Bowling

There’s nothing like being outdoors, especially playing a relaxing game of crown green bowls. Whether you’re veteran or beginner, this game will teach you the art of touch.

Today, we see more young people appreciating the art of this amazing game and getting more involved. That can only be good. So, if you’ve never played this game before, and simply want to try it out and get some fresh air, no problem, we can hire the woods out to you. Our green is kept in meticulous condition and is surrounded by hedges, trees and securely situated within the town council grounds with plenty of parking space. Enjoy your day out.

The Bowling Green at the Council Offices is a municipal green that is used by the Banbury Bowling Club.

Anyone wishing to play bowls is encouraged to join The Banbury Bowls Club who have a thriving and sociable membership. 

Local residents are welcome to ‘pay and play‘ at a cost of £2.00 per game when there are no competitions in progress. 

Woods are available for hire

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